Monthly Review: Nov’21

A plan without execution is a failure in the imagination — I have been hearing this from my college time, and yet again, I will prove the same point with this blog. I thought of writing a Part-1 to it back on 14th Nov, but procrastination pushed me today.

However, though I pushed hard not to write this blog every time I laid my fingers on the keyboard, November has been exciting for me, as I’ve seen a couple of movies and gone to a place to meet and enjoy. Though I didn’t finish any books, I read a few stories from Leo Tolstoy’s works.

Let’s get into the movies first. I watched three new movies this month — Doctor, Nootokka Jillala Andagadu, and Spectre.

Doctor (Tamil)

A dark comedy film that became a blockbuster, both in Tamil & Telugu. I don’t think Doctor has a strong or unique story, but it was handled logicless and in a humorous way. I saw it alone on Netflix, and I don’t think that has anything to do with disliking the movie. I enjoyed a few scenes, but that doesn’t imply I have to like the film. Dark comedy is relatively new to Indian cinema, and we have to play with it to get the proper film. See BrochevarevaruRa. They aced it well. Anyways, I didn’t like the way the story unfolded, but the technical aspects of the film are astounding. Anirudh was there, is there, and will be there!

Nootokka Jillala Andagadu (Telugu)

Yet another sensible film from Srinivas Avasarala. He wrote the story, screenplay and played GSN, the lead character who feels pain due to his baldness (err lack of self-acceptance).

Though the movie feels familiar if you’ve already watched Ayushmann’s Bala, this movie deals with the same subject slightly differently. It lacks continuity in a few scenes but Srini’s effective and brilliant flow of dialogues, his song-versioned playful conversation with Abhishek Maharshi wins your heart.

Abhishek Maharshi — wow, man! Comedy is one of the most challenging emotions to perform, and you aced it. I’m glad that I watched this movie. Wish you continue acting while directing the film at the same time, as Srinivas Avasarala does :)


I finally experienced what a James Bond film looks like, after much gaga over the latest No Time To Die. The reason that I watched this particular movie is Christoph Waltz. I was mesmerised by his performances in The Inglorious Bastards and Django Unchained, and I thought to watch this movie so that I could witness his performance here and experience a James Bond film.

I love how these people make stylised action films. I believe we tried making one, Saaho but failed at getting the correct put. Anyways, I became a fan of Hollywood’s action films after finishing the John Wick series.


Better Call Saul

I started watching Better Call Saul soon after finishing Breaking Bad, but I felt this series was too boring in Season-1 and left it. This month, I thought about resuming watching it after getting to know they are prepping up for another season, and man, Jimmy is just WOW!

Bob Odenkirk’s performance as James McGill throughout the show is captivating, and he has a majestic screen presence that any actor can dream of. He pulls off the character with his accent with a supporting script, and he immerses us into it.

James McGill from Better Call Saul. Courtesy: YouTube

I think I’m about to finish S3 soon and subsequently complete the entire series before they come up with a new season. He just started an Advertising agency on his alter ego, Saul Goodman, and hasn’t met Gus Frings yet. Also, the parallel narration of Mike’s settlement with the Salamancas has just begun. Let’s see where they take this forward and what makes Hector Salamanca paralysed.


As mentioned earlier, I couldn’t finish (not even 30%) any book this month. My thoughts were wandering, and switching between social media apps took away my time (trying to control my phone usage, though). However, I started reading short stories written by Leo Tolstoy. I read a story similar to The Shawshank Redemption (not making this up, Stephen King would’ve taken a similar storyline, who knows!)

I don’t see myself reading or finishing any book this month because it’s here; the most exciting month of December is here :D

Other Stuff:

One of my relatives shared this on his wall

A Ted Talk on depression and anxiety and what we can do systemically to overcome those, apart from consulting psychologists. I found it profound and started practising what he suggested — having a sense of purpose and a sense of tribe: meeting and collaborating with people. You’ll feel better, and focused after following these two, is what I think.

Now, coming to the most awesome activity that I was part of in November: Goa Trip ❤

My company organised an Offsite in Goa for four days to meet people in person and get to know them, as we have been working virtually since the pandemic hit us. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip (yes, while being sober), explored the beautiful Cabo De Rama Fort, and pristine waters with colleagues.

There were many activities that the team has organised to instil a sense of bonding, building teams, coordinating with people, etc. and kudos to them for bringing everyone under one roof — met amazing people whom I can learn from and set targets for the next couple of months.

I got to know many people. You know, meeting many people will fetch you many stories that you can steal and improvise ;)

Btw, this has been my first flight experience, and it went well. I did feel waves inside my stomach but for a while. I had a good time in Goa as I met people, explored places, and purchased cashews for my mother.

This month, we lost two gems from industry — Shiva Shankar master and Sirivennela garu. My humble salutations to both of them for making an impact on many lives with your artworks.

Although I consume a lot of South-Indian music, I seldom pay attention to lyrics. Still, when I do, I realise how motivating/moving lyrics by Veturi and Sirivennela garu can be. These two are the only people whose work I used to pay attention to, and sadly both aren’t with us now. We need to celebrate their contributions to art and our lives _/\_

Listen to this song from Okkadu. It’s a hero intro song in a commercial movie, and observe the boldness in Sirivennela garu on how he can move you with his words: