Shortfilms: The Three ‘Memories’ of my B.Tech life

Courtesy: Prime Video

The Duet:

In the second semester, when I was watching 2–3 movies in a week, I learned about an elective course called “Filmmaking for beginners.” One of the main reasons I took this course, apart from being interested in films, was the course taught by composer Ramana Gogula in the earlier semester, and I thought I could meet him in person and interact with him.

Friends (Japanese short-film):

It was our 3rd semester, and to fulfill the credits requirement, I took an elective called “Spoken Japanese Basics,” which had speaking and reading assignments. For final evaluation, the instructor came up with the idea of having a group video — that should be shot entirely in Japanese, not necessarily a short film.


The climax of Falaknuma Das (remake of Angamaly Diaries), which was made in a single shot, struck my mind, and I was writing down few ideas which can be made in a single shot.



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