Monthly Review: May’22

Pradyumna Madan Dinni
3 min readMay 31, 2022

I had a long list of movies suggested by my friends from the previous months. I thought of watching them, talking to my friends, and writing about them here in this blog post. But it didn’t happen.

I watched only four movies this month, out of which I completed two films in parts.

Saani Kaayidham:

Apart from the two lead performers, Keerthy Suresh and Selva Raghavan, I didn’t like it further. I watched it in parts, and it wasn’t immersive for me. One of my friends watched the director’s first film, Rocky, and liked it. We both thought this would be good, but I didn’t like it except for a few scenes. I watched this movie in parts, which happened due to a lack of interest in the film.


Ryan Gosling’s Drive impressed me with its actors and cinematography. The same friend again recommended the movie. He shared a video essay about the cinematography of the film. Here is the video:

Son of India:

With the number of movies that I watched in a month reaching a career-low, I thought to take a break from watching regular movies and watch an experimental one. You ask any Telugu audience about the Manchu family’s kind of experiments with the audience! Hence, I started watching the amazingly incredible Son of India.

Even though the movie is relatively short, I watched it in two parts. One during the dinner and continued until the end the next day during the breakfast.

Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal:

I watched the Telugu version of Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal, which is entertaining. The dialogues are quirky, and Vignesh’s comic touch worked for me. Not that great, but a good one for passing the time.

Better Call Saul

Coming to the web series, Better Call Saul had its midseason finale last week, and it ended by giving chills to me and many fans. The characters and detailing in the series is top-notch. Eager to see how they end the show.


I loved watching Lokesh’s interview with Baradwaj Rangan about Vikram! I am waiting to watch the movie on screen soon :)


I didn’t read any new books. Yet to complete Robert McKee’s Story. You know I’ve been reading the last 100 pages of the book for more than two months and yet unable to complete it. Oh God, please give me the focus to finish it so that I can use the approach presented in the book.

Meeting People

This month has been one of the best months in recent times. I met people in real life and had good conversations with them over the weekends. I came to my relatives’ place in Hyderabad for a change since my work supports that, and I have been enjoying every day with Sudhanva (my brother’s son), who is cute and curious! It is refreshing talking to him and looking at him every day.

On the weekends, I’ve met people — my friends from college and new online friends whom I had text conversations with from Covid time. Honestly, it is great to meet and talk to them. Looking forward to meeting many people in the upcoming months.

Oh, the list of movies will be more next month since the people I met suggested many movies for me to watch! Next month the blog will hopefully be a little longer to read!

Thanks for reading this blog post! It means a lot, and may you be blessed with good content :)