Monthly Review: January 2023

I’ve welcomed this month by staying awake, which I seldom do. I was awake for the last two days of last year and was roaming around Hyderabad, meeting people, and spending time with cousins.

While I used to go to bed early before, there has been a slight change in my sleep pattern these days! Sleeping late, waking up late, and postponing all things except travelling. 😀

Honestly speaking, I’ve not devoted time to writing blogs this month, primarily due to my laziness, and I was contemplating what would happen if I don’t write this one too. But no, I have to write, I need to publish, my consistency shouldn’t be affected due to my procrastination, and here we are, at the end of January, reading the January blog.

Let’s see what I did in January 2023.


Surprise! The movie count decreased drastically this month. I’ve watched only 3 movies in total, including a re-visit.


While my friends enjoyed the re-release of Kushi by watching it in the theatres, I couldn’t. I watched it on YouTube at home.

Pawan Kalyan in those days was pure love. His passion and dedication towards cinema, his charisma, wow, just amazing. Aside from all the reasons for it to be a blockbuster, his approach towards introduction songs should be highly admired. Loved watching him again on screen!

HIT: The Second Case

I’ve not watched it in the theatres while I had the privilege of watching the First Case in theatres. It didn’t meet the expectations set by the first part. I think it’s a narrative decision to keep Harsha’s episode in the beginning but not sure why they went with that call. It made the movie predictable without awe moments and surprises.

I love Sailesh Kolanu’s work but this felt flat in terms of writing characters, delving into their worlds and connecting them to their case. The first part had it all. The second case has it too, but it seems superficial, something we have already seen. Will look forward to the part where a female star leads the case.


I’m in Jaipur and there is a single-screen theatre called Raj Mandir Cinema which is known for its grandeur. Since I’m here already, I thought I could watch a movie and booked Pathaan there.

While the movie isn’t that great, I liked some scenes and dialogues in the movie. This happens to be my first theatrical experience of SRK, keeping Brahmastra aside.

Towards the end of the movie, people were dancing near the screen to the end credits song. It was indeed a great experience to watch a movie with a crowd with long-lasting energy. Looking forward to watching his next with Atlee!

I’ve added many movies to the backlog this month, which were suggested by my friends. The list includes An Action Hero, Unni Mukundan Associates, and Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey among many others. Let’s see when I can watch them 🤞


I was able to complete only one book this month: Exactly What to Say.

My colleague, Kamalini, gifted me this book, and it is a good read. You can read my thoughts on the book here.


I wrote only one blog this month, about Exactly What To Say book. I’m hopeful I’ll publish a couple of blogs next month.


Currently, I’m in Jaipur. Typing this blog post while my hands are shivering with cold and my fingers are numb and rigid. I’m on a workation in Rajasthan until mid-February. Will share my experience in upcoming blog posts.

If someone mentions a Solo trip is easy:

Other Stuff:

I came across this discussion of Baradwaj Rangan with Syam Pushkaran and Vineet Srinivasan. Highly recommend you watch this if you’re inclined towards writing or films.

In the first week of January, Revanth and I went to the Telangana State Gallery of Art where there was an art and photography exhibition. It happens to be my first art exhibition experience. We both discussed the artwork and photography.

Artwork by Atanu Pramanik

We also spoke to the artist and the photographer, understanding their thought process behind their work, their aspirations and what made them choose this path towards serving art. It was an insightful and pleasant talk.

Art exhibition by: Atanu Pramanik
Photography exhibition by: Vajranabh Natraaj Maharshi

Coming to what I’m watching recently, I’m hooked to Brut’s Home Tour by Nihal Ranjit. I’ve been enjoying watching it, and learning some Gen-Z lingo!

Also, I’ve been listening to this song on loop:

Finally, Gowtham and I met after a looong gap of three years, after we were thrown out of college (okay, it was in March 2020 due to Covid) and we discussed many things, including movies, particularly 96.

Okay, now going with the flow, in January:

Movies venuma movies iruku…

Travel venuma travel iruku…

Entertainment venuma adu kuda iruku…

Adi daa saar.

Will be back in February with more than 1 blog 🙂



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