Book review: Exactly What to Say by Phil M Jones

In the last week of 2022, I got 4–5 books as gifts from my friends and colleagues. The shortest one among them was “Exactly What To Say.” I thought I could finish this book quickly so that I’m not on the guilt trip of piling up books and not turning a page!

I started with this book in 2023 and completed reading the book in 4 sessions. This book, written by Phil M Jones, is in simple English and is a smooth read.

Phil discusses various ways in which we can close our talks and proceed towards winning the deals in business, making conversations helpful in life, and how we could use simple words or rephrase the already used words to have meaningful conversations.

This book doesn’t sound like a textbook with all theoretical tips but contains many actionable and ready-to-use tips based on various circumstances we come across in work or life.

Unknowingly I’ve been using some of these suggestions in my conversations with people, and by reading this book, I understood how I could further improve the art of speaking right.

A few tips felt like, “Dude, how come I didn’t know about this simple trick!” This book isn’t a one-time read for me. I’ll come back to this book again multiple times whenever I need to understand the art of communication better to make my life easier :)

Overall, I felt this book to be a smooth read, like reading blogs from Finshots and others. Since I received this book as a gift, I can’t comment on whether the price is justified for the value this book provides.

Thank you, Kamalini, for this thoughtful gift. This has been one of the few English books that I finished reading quickly!



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