Ante Sundariniki: Lies and consequences

Sundar’s world:

  1. Sundar — a shy boy from an orthodox family who gets cheated once in his life, which changes his adulthood. He knows what his family accepts and what it doesn’t, so he comes up with a lie (okay, a series of lies until the truth is revealed). But but, Sundar is a nice, sensible, and soft boy who doesn’t stalk/harass girls he likes.
  2. Sundar’s Mother — a practical and progressive thinking woman married into a patriarchal family. She seeks happiness for his son, and her emotional scenes pay off in the end, bringing a change in the family. A logical thinker voiced down by her family.
  3. Sundar’s Father — a protective father who wants his son & successors to continue the legacy his father left. Does everything to silence his wife.
  4. Sundar’s Grandmother — an orthodox musician who uses her musical skills to express joy and her approval. Has knowledge of mythology stories and adds her perspective to them.
  5. Soumya garu — a colleague of Sundar who tries to help him fly to the states agreeing with Sundar’s plan of lying to their boss, Chandra Mohan. Her story becomes an essential subplot when Sundar’s lies come true.
  6. Chandra Mohan — boss of Sundar, played by our Harshavardhan. Has a good sense of humour and a couple of clients in the US. Thank you, Vivek Athreya, for casting him in two consecutive films. We love to see him perform.
  7. Joseph — wait, this is too quick for us to talk about him.
Courtesy: Netflix.

Leela’s world

  1. Leela — a forward-thinking and independent girl who wants recognition and never gives up. A fighter indeed! Asks Sundar twice whether they can get married ❤
  2. Pushpa — Leela’s elder sister who marries her lover and faces issues with her husband’s family about conceiving. Her story is quintessential to Leela & Sundar.
  3. Leela’s parents — two progressive thinkers who give freedom to their daughters. (I wonder why Nadhiya’s eyes seem like she cries a lot throughout the film). After getting humiliated due to his religion, her father starts preferring in-community things.
  4. Joseph (at least now?) — Will come to him, let me introduce Vamsi.
  5. Vamsi — Asks time to meet Leela’s father, but cheats on her (why bro??).
  6. Joseph — okay, an ardent one-sided lover of Leela, who leaves no stone unturned to marry her and is privy to her love story with Vamsi, and now, Sundar.
Courtesy: Netflix.
Courtesy: Netflix.
  1. Adores and respects Leela and wants her not to be blamed and disrespected.
Courtesy: Netflix.



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