Let’s talk about cinema and books

We are finally into the last and exciting month of the year, December! I happened to finish the web series that I’ve been watching, touch upon an old movie, travel to Varanasi for a workation, explore many places there, and celebrate important occasions with my family. …

A plan without execution is a failure in the imagination — I have been hearing this from my college time, and yet again, I will prove the same point with this blog. I thought of writing a Part-1 to it back on 14th Nov, but procrastination pushed me today.


With procrastination dominating me for the past one week, I finally contemplated my thoughts on the content I watched, books I read, and the places I visited in the last month, October 2021.

This 5th of consequent month deadline is making me a lazy ass, so I would like to…

Pradyumna Madan Dinni

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